The best results will only be achieved when we work closely with you. This enables us jointly to produce and deliver design solutions that are exciting, cost effective, and customer focused.
Regular reviews are held throughout the design process to assess and agree the next stage of the work programme.

Creactive Design Research Expertise

01 research and brief

Before we start designing, we need to fully understand your requirements, your customer's expectations, we need to know your ambitions, inspirations and your competition. We will prepare a proposal outlining all your requirements so that you can make an informed decision before commissioning us. Once the proposal has been accepted we will meet your team to discuss technical and marketing requirements and agree on your design specification. As designers we will challenge and question the brief, if we feel there are unexplored opportunities to be considered.
Creactive Design Research Expertise

02 concept generation

Using the information we have gained in earlier discussions, we brainstorm various concept directions. Exploring layouts, form factors, aesthetics, ergonomic factors and manufacturing options. We will create concepts fit for purpose, based on our design experience. Our ideas will be presented to you in the form of either sketches, computer models and renderings, or simple sketch models to assess size and ergonomics. We listen to your responses and together we establish a route for product development.


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