Engima Diagnostics


Enigma ML is a portable and totally automated PCR (polymerase chain reaction) based diagnostic instrument that provides rapid and decisive results in real time allowing the user to take immediate action at the point of care.

The Enigma ML has a modular, easily scalable architecture providing flexibility and choice in different healthcare settings. At entry level with a single processing module it is a compact, portable, inexpensive instrument ideally suited to settings where usage is lower and space is at a premium e.g. in the doctor’s office, pharmacy or intensive care unit. At the other end of the scale, multiple processing modules can be controlled by a single master unit allowing random-access, parallel running of different samples and tests.

Creactive Design ID worked with a team at Sagentia Ltd to design and develop a compact, modular system. We designed a product that had simple, clean lines, with a strong circular element running through the product to emphasise the processing nature of the instrument. Injection moulded panels fitted to a fabricated chassis formed the enclosure, with removable side panels to allow additional sampling modules to be added to the master control unit to increase testing capabilities where required.

In addition to the product industrial design, Creactive also produced high quality, photo-realistic rendered stills and animations from the CAD data for marketing purposes.