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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology uses high intensity pulses of light to heat and destroy hair follicles. Consumer IPL devices for hair removal have traditionally used Xenon flash lamps as the light source, making the units large and power hungry.

Creactive Design ID had the exciting challenge of rethinking the consumer IPL product, based around a new, innovative LED based light source. This meant that the unit could be much smaller due to both the compact size of the ‘head’ unit and the reduced power source required to drive it.

Starting with simple concept sketches to explore a wide range of ideas, we quickly progressed to basic 3D printed models to assess human factors, usage and ergonomics of the various designs amongst focus groups during a number of workshops. Based on the detailed feedback from the focus groups our team developed and refined the idea to produce a design that was easy to use and intuitive, had a familiar visual language for the consumer market, but had a unique feel to compliment the new technology it housed.

We also developed a charging and storage station to safely and elegantly house the unit when not in use, enhancing and complementing the strong visual impact of the handheld device.