Pagers are still the indisputable choice for reliable integrated wireless communications for many organisations, meeting complex telecommunication problems. Two thirds of the UK’s hospitals and emergency services use Multitone products.

Designed by Creactive Design ID, the pager is based around the existing architecture of it’s predecessor, but delivers superior ergonomics and a premium feel with improved mechanical reliability and manufacturability. The rugged casework design is shock resistant and has integrated sealing features that help prevent water and dust ingress. The plastics also have anti-microbial properties, advantageous for medical environments.

Creactive Design ID’s involvement was comprehensive; from the first concept sketch to proving the design with rapid prototyping and finally CAD for manufacturing. The styling is understated yet distinctive, with a curving display face and two-tone case design. The controls are much larger and more robust than the previous pager and critically, the pager also retro-fits with other Multitone accessories.

Creactive’s considerable experience in design for manufacture ensured a key issue of reliability was achieved. Any mechanical failure with the pagers can result in costly repair or replacement from the manufacturer, so a significant reduction in returned units is a key objective.

Andrew Russell, Associate Director of Creactive Design ID explained; “This project was an exciting challenge; there was very limited space to work with and we had to deliver a product that surpassed it’s predecessor in all areas. We did just that and we are delighted that the client is thrilled with the result.”


3027 Multitone Pager (whtbgd)