Broadband routers and base stations

Creactive Design ID worked on several projects with Nokia, producing a range of broadband routers and base-stations for use in both domestic and commercial environments.

The Nokia A040 Wireless Network Adaptor turns a wired LAN-attached computer into a wireless one with secure access to the internet, corporate databases, emails and peripherals. Creactive was briefed to design a practical but aesthetically pleasing enclosure that would be suited to the Nokia brand.

Creactive Design ID’s contribution to the project development began with concept designs, with particular attention to form and colour to reinforce brand identity. Design development and prototyping of forms through in-house foam models. Detail design using Solidworks 3D CAD modelling software. Prototype development to produce prototype case-work parts using rapid prototyping techniques. Production engineering to produce CAD files suitable for injection mould tooling.

The result is a discrete but distinctive unit, which can sit on a desk or be easily wall mounted.