Video conferencing equipment

StarLeaf is an exciting and ambitious UK based telecommunications company with its sights clearly set on the global market. After researching the market, they selected Creactive Design ID to assist them with the design and development of their complete ‘Personal Telepresence’ conferencing system including business phones, microphones, video monitors, and interface units.

The products had to have a contemporary style with links to the business environment, but also needed to emphasise simplicity of use and be non-intimidating for the end user.

Creactive Design ID worked in close partnership with StarLeafs in-house team throughout the design process from early concept designs to prototyping and production. Timescales and risks were minimised by solid modelling all components and verifying the design by rapid prototyping prior to producing production components using Far East manufacturers.

A wide range of manufacturing processes have been used in the production of the product caseworks, including; injection moulding and over-mould, compression moulding, die casting, aluminium extruding, sheet metal fabrication, and pressing, together with a large number of post processing techniques such as cnc machining, spraying and printing, using both UK and Overseas manufacturers.

Creactive Design ID’s involvement did not stop there, as we also designed and developed the graphic treatment for the User interface (GUI), icons and labels as well as the packaging itself.

“Working with Creactive has been rewarding, inspiring and fun… the resulting designs are great and a testament to Creactive’s talent.” Mark Richer, Chairman, Starleaf