Zellweger Analytics

Gas Detectors

Creactive Design ID worked closely with the engineering and development team at The Technology Partnership on the design of a range of wearable and fixed gas detectors for use in hazardous industrial areas, capable of monitoring up to four gases simultaneously.

The ‘Impact’ and ‘Impact Pro’ wearable detector range for Zellweger Analytics (now part of Honeywell Analytics), have set new standards and become market leaders. These personal, real-time monitors are designed for tough working environments while being small, lightweight and unobtrusive, making them ideal for use in confined spaces where entry and exit may be difficult. The Creactive team created a range of concepts exploring form factors, component layout and user ergonomics to create a design that was as compact as possible, whilst being comfortable to wear and easy to use. Our solution featured a large back-lit display, intuitive interface, rubber over-mouldings for secure grip and a high IP rating (IP 67).

The ‘Opus’ fixed range also has two versions; a standard version housed in a plastic casework and a ‘Pro’ version in blast-proof cast metal casework. Both versions offer real-time area monitoring of dangerous gas levels. The ‘Opus’ range was designed to be intrinsically safe, featuring IP67 rated caseworks, large clear displays, simple controls for ease of use with gloved hands and interchangeable gas sensor cartridges.