Cambridge Broadband Ltd

VectaStar Broadband antenna

VectaStar 3500 forms part of a wireless broadband system aimed at providing high speed internet services in remote locations. Creactive designed and developed it’s casework design. Our brief was to create a strong and distinctive visual identity while ensuring that stringent environmental, thermal and mechanical specifications were met.

The detailed CAD data we produced enabled us to test the thermal performance of the casework and mechanical performance of the fixings and brackets, under a range of simulated environmental conditions prior to the production of physical parts. Rapid prototype and pre-production parts were also produced in order to verify the design and minimise risk.

An environmentally sealed magnesium-zinc alloy cast housing was used to protect the sensitive electronics, with a two part injection moulded sun shield to provide thermal protection and guide airflow over the heat-sink features of the casting. Cast and extruded aluminium parts created the brackets used to attach the units to buildings and exterior structures. Our knowledge and use of up-to-date computer modelling techniques and FEA ensured we satisfied all the specifications while keeping timescales short.