SonoRx Ultrasonic Bandage

Sonovia’s SonoRx Ultrasonic Bandage is aimed at medical applications, such as arthritis/musculoskeletal treatment and pain management, and is based on disruptive ultrasound technology.

Working closely with Sonovia and The Technology Partnership plc (TTP), Creactive Design ID developed a flexible wearable product with a non-intimidating appearance, which is very easy to apply to the limb securely; particularly important for those of restricted mobility, enabling self-treatment at home. This is complimented by a small ‘drive’ unit used to power the bandage, designed to be compact, easy to carry, with a simple, intuitive interface.

Our team developed designs for the device based around user research and ergonomic testing of basic in-house prototypes and mock-ups. This allowed us to rapidly test various ways of arranging the ultrasonic transducers within a bandage and design an ergonomic and highly adjustable way of attaching the device to the affected area on the body by the patient.