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Digital text entry pen and mouse pen

We relished the opportunity to design a radical new writing instrument, a digital pen for entering handwritten text into various smart devices via Bluetooth technology. Chargers, docking stations and cases were also considered to complete the product package.

Working closely with engineers at The Technology Partnership (TTP), we arrived at a very compact solution which is no bigger than a conventional fountain pen. From this we explored a range of casework concepts, with styling aimed at different markets including premium, business, and education.

After conducting comprehensive ergonomic studies on how best to hold and operate the pen, through the creation of many iterations of foam models and rapid prototypes, we developed a variety of exciting concepts. All embodied simplicity of design and ease of use, but with a contemporary design-led slant.

Sketches, story boards, and renderings were used along side technical CAD models, basic appearance models and fully finished visual models to help the client throughout the development process.