Ideal Industries Networks

I.T. network testers

Creactive Design ID was selected to assist in meeting the demanding objectives in the development of this new range of network testers. Visual impact and a strong brand consistency were of paramount importance allowing the products to largely ‘sell themselves’. The industrial design had to have a contemporary style with links to IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS existing products, but needed to emphasise simplicity of use and not be intimidating, as well as being ergonomic and rugged enough to use in a range of environmental conditions.

Our team worked in close partnership with the in-house team from early concept designs through to the production documentation. Timescales and risks were minimised by solid modelling all components and verifying the design by rapid prototyping, prior to producing production tooling from the same CAD data using Far East manufacturing sources. Files were regularly exchanged between Creactive and IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS, who were developing the electronics and software in parallel, maintaining up-to-date assemblies and ensuring common interfaces.

The developed designs made use of multi-shot injection moulded enclosures to provide a strong visual appearance and rugged feel. The caseworks were carefully designed for efficient assembly, using Clip details, combined compression moulded keymats and environmental seals, and minimal parts. Value engineering the designs allowed product ranges to be created with few additional casework parts. Simple, low cost parts such as connector panels, key-mats and bezels can be fitted to the major casework parts to provide a range of products with minimal tooling costs.

Ian Mercer, Hardware Engineering Manager at IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS in Maidenhead said:

“We needed a new industrial design company and interviewed several companies. We selected Creactive because they showed flair for innovative styling. They came up with several concepts that met our brief and we choose one that was initially thought somewhat radical. Our confidence was rewarded and the final result is a case that has received great acclaim.”

IDEAL NETWORKS product range design by Creactive Design ID