Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laboratory instrument range

Thermo Scientific is the world leader in serving science, supplying a complete range of products, services and solutions for research, analysis, discovery and diagnostics.

The close working relationship between Thermo Scientific and Creactive Design has developed numerous instruments across a broad range of these markets over several years, many of which are shown here. In the majority of these projects, Creactive has not only created the initial design concept, but taken the design through development, prototyping and then delivered production CAD with manufacturer sourcing and liasion. Manufacturing processes have included injection-moulding, reaction injection moulding, aluminium castings and sheet metal fabrication.

All the instrument designs are defined by common themes; improved ergonomics, simplified assembly for manufacture and dis-assembly for servicing and maintenance,with appealing and distinctive aesthetics that reinforce Thermo Scientific’s advanced technology and brand.

The dynamic styling of this range was created by Creactive Design, but continues to evolve through each consecutive product. Creactive has also issued a design and branding guideline document for Thermo Scientific; to inform other parties wishing to apply the design attributes to future laboratory instruments.