Cetis Inc

Commercial telephones

Creactive has been working with the Cetis Group for a number of years designing analogue and VoIP telephones, and SIP endpoints for both the hotel and business sectors. Amongst others this has resulted in the very successful 3300 series, which can be found in many modern hotels the world over.

The 3300 and 3100 series telephones are the latest in a long line of products for Cetis, where Creactive Design ID’s industrial design skills and knowledge have resulted in bold, distinctive, and exciting products that are comfortable and functional to use.

As with many of the other products we have designed for Cetis the flexible design of the caseworks allow for a wide range of variants within the product range as well as the ability for desk or wall mounting, and through the clever use of customer specified colour panels the products can be tailored to aesthetically compliment almost any commercial environment and help to reinforce the customers brand.