Casella Measurement

Tuff personal air sampling pump

Specialists in innovative occupational health and environmental risk measurement solutions, Casella turned to Creactive Design ID for our industrial design expertise when they required assistance with the design and development of a new personal air sampling pump, used to measure the wearer’s exposure to contaminants in the air.

The brief and challenge for Creactive was to design an IP54 rated product that was rugged enough to withstand harsh environments over prolonged periods, include a removable battery pack and charge station whilst being compact, easy to operate and cost effective to produce.

Working closely with the Casella development team, Creactive identified the most appropriate and cost effective methods of manufacturing to design a product using two-shot plastic injection moulded parts with TPE over-mouldings. We were able to generate fully working SLA models of the design to test the fit and function of the pump prior to committing to high volume manufacture. Our solution used an over-moulding process to deliver a tough rugged finish that allowed for fully sealed controls and display, as well as providing environmental sealing between the casework’ parts.

The final design solution with its robust and distinctive style helped to successfully differentiate the product in a highly competitive international marketplace.