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Portable medical diagnostic device

Creactive Design ID was involved in the design development of a compact, portable medical unit for use by non-medically trained personnel in remote medical emergency situations, which will communicate with a central medical centre in real time. Potential areas of use would be aviation and maritime sectors as well as military and paramedics. A range of bought-in sensors and probes can be connected to the medical unit, measuring blood pressure, pulse, oximetry, temperature and ECG.

The key considerations for the product were that it should be handheld and intuitive to use. The casework should be sealed to an IP67 rating, rugged and withstand a drop test of one metre onto concrete. We explored a range of formats for the design with the client and their electronic engineering partner in order to produce a product that was as compact as possible, comfortable to hold, with an ergonomically laid out interface.

A number of manufacturing techniques were used to ensure the product was suitable for volume production and met all of the key considerations. Twin shot injection mouldings make up the main casework components, with TEP overmould being used to create sealed buttons, seals between casework parts and forming grip areas at each side. Ultrasonic welding processes were also used to ensure IP rated seals between casework plastic components. Moulded-in metal threaded inserts ensured high clamping forces could be achieved between the main casework parts when screwed together to help achieve the IP67 rating.